You know it’s real when I buy you Dominos from another fucking country.

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Traveling alone has its positives. When I am home I find entertainment in hopping on the train to explore various neighborhoods. Last summer I traveled alone around Madrid and Barcelona and I really enjoyed it. This is not to say that I would always rather travel alone than with a partner, but that I am confortable enough with myself to enjoy my own company. Especially as a female traveller, I like to have a plan when I travel alone and prefer to have multiple ways of getting to my destination. On most occasions since I’ve been here, I’ve expressed that I adapt to situations easily. However, throughout my traveling experience to the Eastern Cape, I realized that this is not necessarily true. I did not adapt to spending twelve hours in a gas station and four hours in a town I hadn’t heard of until recently. My inability to adapt could have been influenced by my lack of sleep, which put me in a bad mood. But I think it’s more than that. I think it was because I didn’t have anyone physically there with me to discuss this experience and how we would have felt during it. When my plans fell through and there were no alternatives, I guess I needed that support system. I did not know how to handle being alone in a rural town thousand of miles from what I’m used to without having a plan b or simply anyway to exercise any additional plans to get to my destination. I will continue to travel alone because I enjoy it. I’ve mentioned that I would only do so in areas where there are multiple modes of transportation, but that definitely eliminates many places. So perhaps I just need to simply mentally prepare myself for the fact that my traveling experience will not always be smooth and encountering struggles is sometimes inevitable. 

Telling someone you just want to be friends with that you’re not interested in anything more is hard af


bruuuuhhhh LMAOOOOOOOO


bruuuuhhhh LMAOOOOOOOO


In continuing the recent theme of portraits of powerful women, here is a selection of Maxim Vakhovskiy‘s figure portraits featuring women and their babies.  Check out his book, Black Venus and many of his other stunning photographs on his tumblr.



When you kiss your teeth at your parents then try to play it off



grandmother’s kikwembe.

A black woman does NOT have to be mixed to be beautiful.


What the fuck. Enough with this shit.
Black women and men are beautiful solely by their own ethnicity. It is not necessary for you to be intermingled with something else to constitute attractiveness. ENOUGH.

  • Store clerk: *Follows me around the store*
  • Me: Can you please stop, Im New Black
  • Store clerk: I'm sorry sir, I didn't know. How may I help you this fine evening?


Shoutout to the females that compliment each other, that jealousy shit dead

"It is clearly absurd to limit the term ‘education’ to a person’s formal schooling."

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Education to me = life.

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stretch marks are really just a natural tattoo of the way the sun reflects on the ocean, and if you aint praising that you missing out.

You guys don’t know how great it is to see these messages every so often, though, as a girl who has been really self conscious about stretch marks.


Are you willing to compromise within a relationship? [x]


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me and my friends asked to act casual for a picture